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AUDITORIUM HARBIYE       08:45 - 10:15



Cardiovascular  function in CKD



Chairs: Alberto Martinez-Castelao, Barcelona, Spain
             Danilo Fliser, Homburg/Saar, Germany

- Left ventricular dysfunction as a  risk factor for death in CKD
Gérard  London, Fleury-Mérogis,  France
- FGF-23: marker or mediator of left  ventricular dysfunction?
Danilo  Fliser,  Homburg/Saar, Germany
- Pharmacological treatment of LVH  and LV dysfunction in CKD and renal transplantation: role of mTOR inhibitors
Ernesto  Paoletti,  Genoa, Italy
- Effects of phosphate on vascular  function - new insights
Ziad Massy, Amiens, France
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