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AUDITORIUM HARBIYE       08:45 - 10:15

Late breaking clinical trials - 1

Chairs: Rosanna Coppo, Turin, Italy
             Jürgen Floege, Aachen, Germany

Soluble ferric pyrophosphate administered via hemodialysate reduces ESA use
Ajay Gupta, Wixom, USA
The effects of topical antibacterial honey on catheterrelated infections in peritoneal dialysis patients Carolyn van Eps, Brisbane, Australia
Restoration of repressed estrogen receptor α and antioxidant levels in women and men with diabetic kidney disease: possible cardiovascular disease benefits
Gary E Striker, New York, USA
Cholesterol absorption predicts the effectiveness of atorvastatin for preventing cardiovascular disease in hemodialysis patients
Günther Silbernagel, Bern, Switzerland
Prognostic effect of high density lipoprotein cholesterol and apolipoproteins A1, A2, and C3 in diabetic patients on hemodialysis
Winfried März, Mannheim, Germany

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